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US Customs Broker Service Our Advantages  

customs broker officeWe understand that our services have a major impact on your business, as you are trying to get products cleared through Customs accurately and timely in order to expedite orders to your customers.

Understanding the need to expedite time sensitive shipments, we ensure that we will do our part to pre-file and pre-clear your shipments.

We see ourselves as an extension of your import logistics team, working together to ensure compliant, accurate and timely Customs entries and clearance of your imports.

Customs Trade Partnership
Against Terrorism
As a certified C-TPAT broker we want to promote and encourage our import clients and trade partners to
maintain and ensure high levels of security throughout their international supply chain process of cargo
imported into the United States. If your are a C-TPAT importer or forwarder in need of a certified C-TPAT
broker, please consider us in servicing your clearance needs while maintaining and ensuring supply chain
security requirements are met as required by the program.
Ask about our special discount rates for C-TPAT members.

Please let us know if your company is interested in more information on how to become a C-TPAT
trade partner, as we can provide you with more details and information on how to enroll and participate in
the program.

Entry Tracking and
Automated Customs Status

With our state of the art Customs software, we are able to provide you with real time entry and Customs
release status of your shipments. You can track and trace the Customs status of your shipment with variable
cargo details such as container number, bill of lading and your PO or reference number. Contact us for more information and how to obtain your user id and password.

National Customs clearance service in all U.S. ports of entry
via RLF (Remote Location Filing), for air, truck and ocean cargo,
with the ability to also clear in Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico.

Formal and Informal Entries
Border Clearance
ADD/CVD Entries
ATA Carnets
Passenger Clearances
Automobile Export title work
Quota/Visa entries
TIB entries
Trade Show Entries
Personal Effects
I.E and T.E Entries
Warehouse Entries
and warehouse withdrawals
Drawback Entries
ISF 10+2 filing, HTS & FDA
Product Code Line Reviews

FDA, Fish & Wildlife, and
Other Government Agencies (OGA) Clearances
  C-TPAT Certified
We are a C-TPAT certified trade partner,
in order to help maintain the supply chain
security of your import cargo.

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